Falcon Green App

Falcon Green App

The high performance team at Leader Internet where commissioned to build a first of its kind app for the Construction Recruitment Industry. This highly fragmented Sector suffers from disjointed communication channels, a dearth of quality news sources and workforces continually moving agencies.

The Leader team solved these problems building iOS and Android apps with Push Notifications, Social Sharing, Refer A Friend and Quality News Features

The network effect of engaging and unique content drives natural referrals for the app, We used Engineering as Marketing building Refer A Friend feature enabling Falcon Green to able to acquire customers with minimum effort and cost.

Tech Stack

Falcon Green is a fully native iOS and Android app for phone and tablet. The UI is generated by server side rendering for snappy performance. The backend admin panel is October CMS and this provides an API for the front end to consume.

The app bundling is done with GoNative.io, which allows us to build two native apps from a single frontend codebase.

  • October CMS Backend
  • Server side rendering of UI
  • Native bundling with GoNative.io

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Falcon Green App

iOS & Android App providing Construction Job Alerts and News.