Technical Screening For Startups

Ensure developers have the right skills. Leader Internet's Technical Screening Services will quantify their knowledge

Hiring Engineering talent can be a difficult process if your company doesn’t have people with the technical knowledge to quantify the candidates ability. It's also time intensive refining groups of applicants down to a quality shortlist.

Leader will interview potential hires to assess their technical, theoretical and coding knowledge. Our rigorous assessment will be conducted by a Senior Developer with the same language skills as the applicant.

How It Works

You send us a candidate and we interview them on their technical knowledge.


We Chat

We talk with you to learn about the role, candidate and required skills


We Interview the Candidate

Candidate is assessed on their technical knowledge by our senior developers


Receive Feedback

You receive video & audio recordings of the session and a PDF report

Technical screening in progress


  • Hire smart people
  • Have confidence when making offers
  • Ensure the technical teams will get a developer that can work with their stack
  • Reduce chances of making a bad hire
  • Speed up the hiring process

Our Technical Interview Services involve screenings over skype or face to face and a comprehensive review of the engineers ability.

Positions We Screen For

  • Front End Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Technical Lead
  • Web Development Manager

Skills We Assess

  • JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue.js, Sencha Touch, Ext.js, Meteor.js)
  • PHP - (Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii, CakePHP)
  • HTML - (HTML5, Bootstrap, flexbox)
  • Unit Testing (PHPUnit, Jasmine)

What Our Clients Say

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Hiring tech professionals is never easy, and when you think you have the right person, sometimes you just need that extra validation. Leader Internet provide an independent, unbiased and expert opinion on a candidate's abilities to give you exactly what you need, as well as the video/audio evidence to back it up. That's why we trust Leader Internet to give us the extra peace of mind that we're hiring the right person for the job.

Fabien Peyaud, Co Founder



A startup founder has an existing software product built by a contractor in React.js and wants to redesign the front end so it gets a modern look. They found a Front end developer on Upwork and want to see can he do the job.

How do they know if this candidate has experience in React.js? He/she may have just been building Wordpress templates or static HTML front ends.


The answer is to request a technical assessment, which Leader Internet's team of Software Engineers will conduct over skype to measure the if the developers level of knowledge matches their own expectations.


1) What is technical screening?

A Technical Screen is the process of interviewing a developer or engineer to assess their programming abilities. The goal is to establish if they have the skills required to meet the requirements of the position on offer.

2) Why should I use a technical screen?

Putting a candidate through a technical screen will provide assurance that your potential hire has the necessary skills that when you assign them a task on day one, they can deliver it on time.

You may not have the programming background or knowledge to ask coding questions that allow you to form an opinion on an engineer so outsourcing to an expert that can speak to the candidate in their language allows you to work around this problem.

Time and effort lost on firing and rehiring a new candidate can be avoided by having Leader Internet evaluate the developer's skills up front to remove uncertainty down the line.

3) Who uses our services?

  • Startups who want to make their first technical hire
  • Large Companies who want to reduce time spent on the interview process
  • Small Businesses who want to hire an all round 'IT Guy'
  • Entrepreneurs that have a freelancer to build their product but want to see if he/she can do what they say

Technical Screen Completed in 48hours


  • Technical Background Check(linkedin, github, stackoverflow)
  • Comprehensive Technical Screen
  • Follow Up Call
  • Go/No Go Recommendation
  • PDF Report
  • Recorded Audio on Soundcloud for you to listen
  • Recorded Video on Vimeo for you to watch