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Up and Running - The complete guide to starting an October CMS site quickly

Are you wasting time trying to Setup October CMS?

You’ve heard great things about October. There’s plenty of information on blogs, stackoverflow and even the official October Docs. However none of it goes deep on how to setup October CMS locally and deploy that to production. You will find varied overviews of how some people do it but it’s usually vague description of a bespoke configuration tailored to their specific use case.

Do you want an October CMS Book that enables you to setup and move on quickly to your core website purpose?

Learn with illustrative diagrams and clear informative Screenshots

Whether you want to view on the web or download for offline reading, October CMS Up and Running is available in both formats.

It comes with detailed screenshots, code snippets, links and diagrams.

These all come together to give you an all round grasp of October CMS setup and development in an easy to follow manner.

You’ll have the best possible guide to get you Up and Running with October CMS.

Leverage real world October CMS development knowledge

The eBook is written by the Engineers of Leader Internet, a Software Development Company in Ireland that specializes in October CMS sites and plugins.

They’ve built countless systems with October CMS from simple sites to Cloud SaaS and even used it to power Native Apps.

To prove that the techniques in the book work, we start from scratch and build a new website called leaderapps.xyz. This means that the advice and code snippets are based on real world experience and not a sterile hello world demo that never makes it to production.

Have a look a leaderapps.xyz now and see for yourself what the end product will be. That was built by following the guidance in this eBook.

What will I learn with October CMS Book - Up and Running?

The October CMS book narrates the building of leaderapps.xyz, which covers everything you need to know to become an October CMS expert.

Over the course of five short and digestible chapters you’ll learn the basics of October CMS and develop that into a complete understanding of the October internals. At the end you will know what you are doing and why it’s being done that way.

Each chapter features lots of screenshots, clear instructions, code snippets and commands that can be pasted directly into the terminal.

Here’s a breakdown of all of the content:

    Setup October Locally

  • Get October Running On Your Machine

    Deploy To Production

  • Deploy Your Local Site On Production Servers

    Customizing October

  • Learn How To Edit The UI To Suit Your Preferences

    Handling Updates On Production

  • Deal With Users Updating Content On Production

Bonus Content

As well as the full eBook, there are some additional extras for all purchasers to utilize:

  • Downloadable PDF to read offline
  • Lifetime updates for revisions and extra chapters at no extra cost
  • No time limits so you can complete the course at your leisure
  • Conclusions on each chapter which summarize the content discussed
  • Discount codes for Digital Ocean hosting and plugins

Money Back Guarantee

30 days or your money back. We’ve put a lot of time into October CMS Up and Running and we’re sure you’ll find value in the product. If for any reason you’re not happy with your eBook, contact us within 30 days and for a full refund.

Money Back Guarentee


Contact Us if you have any queries about our October CMS book. We guarentee a rapid response.

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